It is not surprising to find this theme within this artist's career because of the fondness that he had for capturing scenes of fun and happiness, as well as the frequency with which artists have used bathers in their work ever since society started to accept their appearances within art. Items such as The Swing offer examples of how Fragonard loved to produce detailed landscapes before inserting figurative portraits amongst them. Typically, his figures would be of both genders and involved in fairly innocent activities such as playing music, sport or simply enjoying each other's company. Behind the figures and foliage, there would also be, without fail, a bright blue sky which completed his positive approach that typified the elaborate style of the Rococo movement.

Les Baigneuses was the French title given to this painting by Fragonard, and at the time of writing you will find it in room 48 of the Louvre, a room that is entirely devoted to this particular artist. To have studied in this museum himself, learning from the previous great masters, it must be a huge honour to now have his own work in this world famous institution. Those fortunate enough to see this original artwork up close will be excited by the colour, first and foremost, before one's eyes before we then start to browse the different figures who dominate the composition. Fragonard's standard delivery of bright skies and detailed foliage are all present and correct as you might expect.

Most of Fragonard's paintings in this style have used elaborate attire, so this clearly diverges from that. Perhaps the topic was chosen purely to experiment with this alternative genre, a genre that so many other famous artists over the years have made use of from time to time. He was also a follower of Rubens and would often sketch some of the great master's artworks whilst sat in the Louvre - that influence maybe another reason for his decision to take on this theme. There is not quite the flattery of his other pieces here, featuring one female figure in a particularly revealing pose. The sizes of the figures in relation to each other does not seem to be entirely accurate either.

The Bathers in Detail Jean-Honore Fragonard

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